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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing irs payment plan calculator

Instructions and Help about irs payment plan calculator

Hi and welcome students today's tutorial will cover Microsoft Excel 2021 and how to calculate a loan payment using the PMT function the PMT function calculates load payments based off of the constant interest rate and constant payments I'm gonna use buying a car as my example for today's scenario let's go ahead and get started so I have car loans right here and I have a business loan request so let's say that you're going out and you're gonna buy a car for thirty thousand dollars but you don't have any money so you need to take out a loan well the loan amount is going to be thirty thousand dollars so I basically set up a spreadsheet here very easy to set it up set up you could set it up the same way if you want no matter if it's a car loan a house loan or anything else that you might be looking at so right here I put basically three columns I have column a which are my first loan option column B and column C those are my three loan options right there and let's say that I have three different options for this loan as I said the loan amount is right here that's thirty thousand dollars for each of them and then I see that from there my numbers change a little bit right here's the annual interest rate and then right here are the number of years so for instance the first loan option says thirty thousand dollars for six percent interest rate and five years the next one thirty thousand dollars five percent interest rate so a little bit lower of an annual interest rate and then the number of years you have longer to pay it off and then finally thirty thousand dollars four percent so that's even lower and you have more time to pay it off so if I look at these three loans I might initially say that this four percent over fifteen years might be the best option for me when it comes to monthly payments now one of the things that I want to figure out is what will my monthly payment be on this loan and then eventually what will the annual payment be so how much will I actually pay per year and then finally what's the total payment so we can actually see over the entire course of the loan how much will I pay throughout the entire thing so you could set up your spreadsheet like this I have mine already set up and then we get to this line right here it says payments per year well most of the time on loans at least for car loans you're going to be paying 12 times per year or monthly right so I could just go right here to payments per year and I could type in twelve into each of those options okay so I have 12 payments.