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I represent a charity outside the USA, Can I accept USA citizens donations? Do I have to fill a form with the IRS?
There is nothing to prevent you from accepting donations from US citizens, however, the US citizens will not be able to take a tax deduction for those contributions.  Generally to qualify for a tax deduction under US tax laws the charity must be based in the US or one of its possessions.  There are tax treaties with Canada, Mexico and Israel that allow deductions for contributions to some specific charities operated in those countries.
If you have 4/5 of water and it can fill 2/3 of a bucket, how much water do you need to fill the whole bucket?
Presume you have 4/5litres of water and this is = only 2/3 of bucket of total volume ‘V’4/5=2/3 x V4litres /5 = 2V/3..After cross multipling12 litres =10 VTherefore V =12 litres/10 =6/5 litres =1200cc. Or1.2 litres.Or 1 and 1/5 litres
It’s 1250. You have one ship you can fill with European items and you can set sail once to the Americans. How would you prepare the Indigenous population for the arrival of the Europeans in 1492?
Diseases would be a good idea but they had better be in an attenuated form otherwise there might not be too many native Americans around. Other cargo could include all the material and know how for smelting and forging iron: within quite a short space of time native Americans in the 1500s/1600s grasped the necessary skills to mend and make ironware. By 1250 or thereabouts Europeans were becoming aware of how to make gunpowder so perhaps the wherewithal could be included. Enough horses and dogs to breed an American population. Not sure how this could be done but some how of spreading a lingua franca across the Americas and developing a literacy that enables the dissemination of all sorts of ideas. Lastly, shipbuilding tools and techniques: if an American civilisation came across the Atlantic in the wake of the Black Death - who knows?
You have 2 eggs. You are on a 100 floor building. You drop the egg from a particular floor. It breaks or survives. If it survives you can throw the same egg from a higher floor. How many attempts do you need to identify the max floor at which the egg doesn't break when thrown down?
This is already on the list of "banned questions" so I suppose it's fair game.For questions of this type, I try to determine if the candidate (a) has not seen this problem before, (b) can work out some reasoning approach, and (c) can explain it to me, something like the below. I'd follow the candidate's ideas wherever they lead, and try to ferret out their ability to organize facts, to follow their own logic, to refrain from BS, and perhaps to pull out important concepts or formulae from memory as tools. Ideally I'll also learn from a candidate a new or different way to look at the problem. Whether the candidate get "the right answer" or not is secondary to these observations.The first thing is to see how long it takes the candidate to recognize that binary search wouldn't work. A basic binary-search approach essentially requires that you have all the eggs you might need to break (log 2 n), certainly more than 2.The next key insight, which is related, is to realize that you have to treat the 2nd egg is very different from the 1st. While you can "skip around" with the 1st egg, you can only move 1 floor at a time with the 2nd. For instance, if you drop the 1st egg from floor 10, and it breaks, your next move with the 2nd egg must be floors 1, then 2, then 3, etc., in order to know for sure which floor below 10 is the highest non-egg-breaking floor.Now, if I drop the first egg on floor N, I face two scenarios:It breaks: on the logic of the paragraph above, the 2nd egg will be dropped from floors 1, 2, ..., N-1. So for this scenario, the worst-case number of drops is N.It does not break: I am now faced with a recursive problem: minimizing the number of drops using 2 eggs on a building with, effectively, 100-N floors.The next useful insight is to realize that the worst-case number for both scenarios should be designed to be the same value N, simply because the worst-case number for the overall solution is the greater of the two. If they aren't the same, then I will have optimized one at the expense of the other, and gotten a worse result overall.So for scenario #2 above, for my next drop (with the first egg), I will skip N-1 floors. This is because I have already used up 1 drop, and if the 2nd drop ends up breaking the egg, my worst-case scenario will include another N-2 drops, for a total of (1 + 1 + N-2) = N drops.Recursing, my drop floors will be something like this: N, (N+N-1), (N+N-1+N-2), ... And I want to minimize N.At this point it's easy enough (and indeed preferable) that the candidate simply tries out different values of N, because they should have some "common-sense" guesses at what N should approximately be. If they start out in the 10-20 range, they'll very quickly converge to a minimum at:{ 14, 14+13, 14+13+12, 14+13+12+11, ... } or{ 14, 27, 39, 50, 60, 69, 77, 84, 90, 95, 99, 96, 97, 98 } as a worst-case sequence, having 14 drops, which is the minimum.If they start out well outside of the 10-20 range, and don't recognize the huge imbalance within seconds, that would be a bad sign.
How can I raise 2.000$ if I can't work (full-time master's agreement) and I am a blogger/writer but I don't want to fill up my blog with ads?
There is a way you could earn without ads or affiliates links but that too requires a great deal of work and incentives. I hate ads myself and people complain to me about my website The Cryd's Daily that it has too many of them but that happens if you have low traffic at beginning but eventually build up followersHowever, If you have a good deal of followers and budget to promote yourself, I suggest you try out crowdfunding  from Patreon: Support the creators you love, The site funds a great many website builders as well professional news websites such as PC and Console Game News, Videos, Reviews - VideoGamer.com to gamer social networks such as PC System Requirements - Game-Debate. The extremely popular Youtuber Jim Sterling also built his site by crowdfunding from here.Furthermore artists are most preferred on their domains but that doesn't mean you can't post your blog there right? Just set some incentives and a milestone, once you successfully reach your goal of every month and Patreon taking it's shares you can shut off the ads all together and earn easily. Another way would be an in-house pledging system as well but that again would depend on your traffic and supporters. In the end it's your choice. Ads can earn you revenue in the long term but if you hate their policies then try out crowdfunding and see how it turns out for you. Good luck buddy.
What do you do when your tax returns where filled out wrong by someone else and then filed?
US TAX LAW ALERT YOUR RESULTS MAY VARY.it depends. first off, if your taxes are incorrect, you can file an amended return. lots of times, a paper is omitted, a revised form is received, numbers get inverted on the forms. these are all easily corrected by filing a 1040X. [please note, if your refund is too large, set the money aside to send back to the IRS. DO NOT SPEND IT.]NOW. IF the taxes were deliberately filled out wrong, by the tax preparer, by a spouse, by a family member or friend, you may have other recourse. if it was a tax preparer and it was intentional, that person needs to be reported to the IRS. if it was a spouse, family member, etc, who filled out a false return and forged your name, you have to report that person to the IRS and probably to the local district attorney.
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