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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing government shutdown irs payment plan

Instructions and Help about government shutdown irs payment plan

All right welcome back to Velshi rule the 2021 tax season kicks off in just ten days and despite the ongoing shutdown the Trump administration seems to think the IRS will be able to process all of America's tax returns as usual here's the problem the Treasury Department has recalled recalled about 46,000 federal workers at the IRS that's a little more than half of the 80,000 total employees there and you know they're strapped to begin with we talked about this last year they don't have enough staplers pens and paper with the IRS functioning at half staff and the majority of those employees working without pay are American taxpayers I'm going to have to wait for their reason and I got to think there are over 800,000 people who will want to file their taxes yet earlier than usual because they're not being paid by the government so they would like that tax return quickly joining us now Tony Reardon National President of the National Treasury Employees Union whose organization is suing the federal government for requiring employees to work without pay during the shutdown Tony thank you for being here during last year's tax season the IRS had received roughly 18 million returns and processed a little more than six million refunds by February the second this year they're understaffed try to accomplish not only the same mission I think the mission might be actually higher because of all these people who are going without money talk to me about what this means well let me first just say in addition to the IRS staff who are who have been called back to work there are 800,000 federal employees who are suffering suffering and I have to tell you it is incredible stunning candidly to me that in the United States of America we actually have a government that will not pay its employees on time now in terms of these IRS employees yes they have been called back and I think there is a more than a fair amount of concern on taxpayers part that they may not get their tax refunds on time see I think we have to remember that you even in advance of the shutdown going back to 2021 the IRS had lost since 2021 the IRS had lost 23,000 employees so then we move along to tax reform and it's the biggest tax reform that we've seen in the last 30 years in this country and candidly the IRS wasn't ready for that lack of funding lack of personnel and then we come to a shutdown now what was what was supposed to happen of course in advance for the shutdown and through where we've been in the shutdown is training for IRS employees so that they are ready to deal with the millions of calls that are gonna in invariably come in right and and and they're not going to have the training they're not the training I've heard.